We are a leading specialty provider of non-specialized personal care service activities referred to as adult home help “AHHS” formerly known as chore services. In accordance with the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services “MDHHS” adult home help services “AHHS” enable Medicaid beneficiaries with functional limitation(s), resulting from a medical or physical disability or cognitive impairment to live independently and receive care in the least restrictive, preferred setting.

Adult home help services “AHHS” must be certified by a Medicaid enrolled medical professional and may be provided by individuals or by private or public agencies. The medical professional does not prescribe or authorize personal care services. Determination of eligibility and authorization of services are approved based on a comprehensive assessment conducted by an assigned adult services specialist.

Inspire Care™ provides person-centered planning and promotes patient rights and care delivered with dignity. Our patient’s safety and security is of the utmost importance to us. We encourage patient independence at the maximum degree of their capabilities and advocate for equal access to available resources. We are constantly developing partnerships that educate and effectively allocate limited resources on behalf of our patients and their families.

Adult home help provides a range of supportive and assistance related services as listed to enable individuals of any adult age to live safely in the most independent setting of choice.  These services are delivered to individuals who are not currently residing in a hospital, nursing facility, licensed foster care home/ home for the aged, intermediate care facility (ICF) for persons with developmental disabilities or institution for mental illness.

Activities of Daily Living

Eating helping with the use of utensils, cup/glass, getting food/drink to mouth. Cutting up/manipulating food on plate, swallowing foods and liquids, cleaning face and hands after a meal.

Toiletinghelping on/off the toilet, commode or bedpan; emptying commode, bedpan or urinal, managing clothing, wiping and cleaning body after toileting. Cleaning ostomy and/or catheter tubes. Receptacles, applying diapers and disposable pads. May also include catheter, ostomy, or bowel programs.

Bathing helping with cleaning the body or parts of the body using a tub, shower or sponge bath; including getting a basin of water, managing faucets, soaping, rinsing and drying. Helping shampoo hair.

Grooming Maintaining personal hygiene and a neat appearance; including the combing/brushing of hair; brushing/ cleaning teeth, shaving, fingernail and toenail care.

DressingPutting on and taking off garments; fastening and unfastening garments/ undergarments, assisting with special devices such as back or leg braces, elastic stockings/ garments and artificial limbs or splints.

Transferring Moving from one sitting or lying position to another. Assistance from the bed or wheelchair to the sofa, coming to a standing position and/or repositioning to prevent skin breakdown.

MobilityWalking or moving around inside the living area, changing locations in a room, assistance with stairs or maneuvering around pets, or obstacles including uneven floors.

Instrumental Activities of Daily Living

Taking medication Taking prescribed and/or over the counter medications

Meal preparation/clean upPlanning menus. Washing, peeling, slicing, opening packages/ cans, mixing ingredients, lifting pots/ pans, reheating food, cooking, safely operating stove, setting the table, serving the meal. Washing/ drying dishes and putting them away.

Shopping for food and other necessities of daily living Compiling a list, managing cart or basket, identifying items needed, transferring items to home and putting them away, phoning in and picking up prescriptions. Limited to brief, occasional trips in the local area to shop for food, medical necessities and household items required specifically for the health and maintenance of patient.

LaundryGaining access to machines, sorting, manipulating soap containers, reaching into the machine for wet/ dry clothing, operating the machine controls, hanging laundry to dry, folding and putting away.

Light house cleaningSweeping, vacuuming and washing floors; washing kitchen counters and sinks; cleaning the bathroom; changing bed linens; taking out garbage; dusting; cleaning stove top; cleaning refrigerator.

Expanded Home Help Services

Expanded home help services can be authorized for individuals who have severe functional limitations that require extensive care to remain at home.

Complex Care

Complex care refers to conditions requiring intervention with special techniques and/or knowledge. These complex care tasks are performed on patients whose diagnoses or condition require more management. The conditions may also require special treatment and equipment for which specific instructions by a health professional or patient may be required in order to perform.

  • Eating or feeding assistance
  • Catheters or leg bags
  • Colostomy care
  • Bowel program
  • Suctioning
  • Specialized skin care
  • Range of motion exercises
  • Dialysis (in-home)
  • Wound care
  • Respiratory treatment
  • Ventilators
  • Injections