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Jeffrey Brown shares his nearly 15-year track record of proven success establishing home and community-based programs. Known for his community building capacity and humanitarian heart, he has delivered over 100,000 hours of direct care to people who are underserved and considered socially and economically disadvantaged.

In previous roles, he managed and provided services to the Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services, Oklahoma Developmental Disabilities Services Division, US Social Security Administration, Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, Community Mental Health, Office on Aging, and Michigan Youth Opportunity Initiative.

Recognized for his long-term commitment to human and social services, Jeffrey has created platforms in areas of vocational rehabilitation, transitional housing, residential long-term care, life skills management, community living services, self-employment, in-home supports, youth employment, and job readiness programs.

While serving those in need, Jeffrey has a talent for building business and has been a highly sought-after consultant and coach to the Who’s Who in the business world. He is an established transformational speaker and co-author of “Life Changing Self Awareness” and author of his latest work “Be Inspired” an inspirational journal available at Amazon.com.

In corporate America, Jeffrey has managed projects and operations for some of America’s largest brands such as, Radio Shack, Columbia House, Hoover Vacuums, Nutrisystem, Domino’s Pizza, Rug Doctor, and Sharper Image amongst others. Jeffrey currently serves as Chairman of the Board of Uplift Our Youth Foundation, and Advisory Board Member of Lansing’s Career Quest Learning Center.